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Harvest Season Part 2


From The Sketchbook To The Garment .

Hand Dyed Individually, Heavy Duty 100% Cotton U.S. Grown .

No Joke Durable High Quality Fleece Made in Los Angeles, USA .

Individually Hand Chosen Puff Print Accents in Black/White .

Hand Chosen Sturdy Multi Color Heat Transfer Application .

Friendship Bracelets Included Free of Charge .

Free Shipping Inside of the 50 U.S. Territories .


Large/XL Fit .


Sam is 6' 2" and is Wearing a Size Large/XL .

AuGuST ⌆⌆ LeAVeS ⊞ SumMeR DrEAMs ╼ ⑆ SunSeT ⌆ ╼ BreEzE

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